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Power Flush Services

Why choose Southstar Plumbers

At Southstar Plumbers we ensure our customers are our first priority. We aim to solve your heating problems by attending to your call within the hour. We offer a high end Power Flush service with our trusted engineers who will ensure your homes are nice and warm again. We operate all over London, offering a fast same day Power Flush service. We use top quality products to give you the very best of power flushing.

What we offer:

  • Power Flush
  • Chemical Flush
  • Power Flush Microbore
  • Turbo Flush 
  • Power Flush Magnet
  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Thermostat Installation
  • Boiler Services
  • Power Flush Certificate
  • Fully equipped Engineers
  • Power KAMCO Certificate

Why do we recommend a Power Flush

  • Improved radiators heat expectancy
  • Save money on your gas bill
  • Reduce the level of noise from your boiler

When do you need a Power Flush

  • If you notice cold areas on your radiators
  • A loud noise from the boiler or the heating system pump
  • Tap water looks cloudy
  • Discoloured water from the radiators
  • New boiler is being installed

The aim of a Power Flush is to have full working radiator system where the flow of water circulates through the central heating system. The Power flushing eliminates the above possibilities to damage your heating system. 

The maintenance of your central heating system is vital and should be efficient as it can be at all times, it will save you more money than you think to have a Power Flush, at the time you may find it a bit expensive but be assured it is very worth it.

How often do you need a Power Flush

Getting a Power Flush would depend on several factors, the age of your radiators, hardness of your water and before any boiler installation. The recommendation for a reasonable gap for a power flush is 5 to 6 years.

A Power Flush is an effective method in saving money, it reduces breakdowns and helps prolong the life of your heating  system. It is advisable to get a power flush by a qualified engineer as debris can build up inside the central heating system. A solution is put down the heating system, which cleanses any blockage or debris. A power flush will remove this and prevent any future blockages.

The radiator efficiency can be impacted by debris which can build up in your heating system. You may also see some cold patches which start to appear on your radiator. After switching on the boiler, If you notice the radiators are not heating up, then a power flush is recommended. A power flush is carried out after a new boiler has been installed so that all the pipes and radiators are clean and clear.

How does a Power Flush work

Our qualified engineers will carry out a power flush, it is usually on old radiator systems, they will connect a pump unit to the heating system. The pump unit combines a high flow with low pressure, to allow the chemical solution to clean and flow throughout the heating system. These solutions flush out any debris and sludge that has been forming over the years. Such substances are flushed through the pipes and heating system so that the limescale can be removed. There are also many chemicals that can prevent this from happening.

The hot water stops circulating properly if there is a build up of silt and sediment in your heating system, and this can cause the cold area to increase.

Once the power flushing takes place, the sludge and sediment is taken out and the hot water can flow evenly through the central heating system. We use the solution for your Central Heating to protect in order to prevent long term corrosion and limescale.

Chemical Flush

Power Flush cleanses the full radiator system. Chemical Flush is a basic alternative which is flushed down the pipes and radiators, which will break through any rust and limescale which has accumulated. 

A power flush could be a messy job, as it involves pumping water and chemicals to get rid of grime. Our engineers will make sure the work is fully completed by cleaning up any mess that may be formed due to the procedure.

Turbo Flush for Toilets

Enables you to save time and water. Did you know that when you need to flush the toilet twice you are wasting water and time, but by investing in a turbo flush it will give you full water pressure just by flushing the toilet once.

Power Flush Microbore

To force the water around the system we use a pump, normally it would be a bit more powerful than a usual small-bore system due to the small pipe diameter. The flexibility of microbore system is an advantage as they are thin copper and plastic pipes.

Power Flush Magnet

You can have a magnetic filter attached near your boiler on the heating return pipe, this will attract any sludge whilst it goes through the system.

How much does a Power Flush cost

This will depend on how many radiators you have in your home. Our prices are competitive and our work is guaranteed. 

Areas We Cover:

We attend to call outs within 60 minutes, so if you need a Power Flush, give us a call now. We cover the following areas:

South West London & Surrey                      West London      

North West London                                      North London

South East London & North Kent                 East Central London

East London                                                 West Central London


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