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With more than 27 years, we’ve been specializing in providing first class Plumbing, Heating, Catering, Gas, Boiler Breakdown & Installation services to international and national businesses across the South of the UK. Our family run business provides a 24/7 Remarkable service delivering a personal touch that exceeds your expectations. Over the years we’ve worked with a range of clients from Households, Industries, Factories, Production houses, Commercial Complexes, Building Supplies, Ware Houses and large offices, etc.

Why it Pay to Hire a Professional Certified Plumber?

Plumbers do much more work than come to your house and fix a broken pipe, or drainage system. Plumber’s Daily tasks generally include installing, repairing and maintaining water, irrigation, heating and drainage pipes as well as associated equipment. Major responsibility is to ensuring systems meet local and national regulations and working within specified guidelines. Plumbers are required to have extensive knowledge of their trade and be able to fix any problems. They must be able to use any necessary tools and materials. They also have to wear protective accessories for their hands, face and feet. Plumbers often go into several specialties of work. For instance they do sheet metal weathering specialization, gas fitting, marine or industrial plumbing, cooling, and air conditioning systems; and service boilers, conduct emergency fittings. Some even work on gas systems by ensuring they are properly installed, tested and maintained.

Southstar Plumbers have intensive knowledge in all phases of plumbing. We have Specialist for every work we offer and conduct. We only hire certified tradesman so as to ensure all work should go perfect and built customers trust.

Signs that Your Current Plumbing System needs Replacement / Service / Maintenance.

Low water pressure will cause it to be harder for you to get water out of your tap few different causes are debris buildup in pipes, problems with local municipal water supplies or a break in your main water line Slow or clogged drains are also a common plumbing issue, and if your plunger or basic home remedies aren’t doing the trick, especially if you have frequent clogs, there’s a good chance you need professional service. Continuously running toilet might be fixable on your own, but there are few very complex problems that can’t be fixed. Inner working of toilet need maintenance & close enough parts need to be replaced. Dripping of water Not only create annoying sound  but also water pooling issues, problems with leaking pipes or faucets can lead to much huge concerns with water damage, ETC. Basic plumbing maintenance tasks might include: Examine exposed pipes for damage, Flush toilets and run sinks, Water heater and garbage disposal, Check for sediment on faucets and shower heads, Drain treatment, Pressure tests.

Extended guarantee over plumbing services-

Southstar Plumbers gives 12 months guarantee over every service and parts provided by our Plumbers, technicians & engineers. With Plumbing services if you do Boiler or Fireplace installation, we extend our service guarantee to 18 months on combine services.

(Terms & Condition apply)

Why Plumbing with Southstar Plumbers?

However great a city may be, lack of water supply for the daily needs of people can make life miserable. First of all, there should be adequate water supply with pipes, pumps, valves, and gen sets. The second need is the use of high-quality plumbing fixtures. The third one is the upkeep of water supply for kitchen, bathrooms, public areas, and other areas wherever required.

People of London live and work in different areas, in diverse spheres. You need potable water, water for bath, water for gardens, and ensure the flow of water in drainages to continue your lifecycle. New houses require plumbing and heating installations; existing homes require the upkeep of plumbing fixtures. There is a requirement for experienced plumbers for residences and commercials. It is this gap Southstar Plumbers trying to fill with our 24-hour plumbing service.

What is Our Core Strength?

Our core strength is in our team of plumbing and heating experts dealing with all types of plumbing issues likeblocked toilets, sinks, and drainages. We offer emergency plumbing services in London 24 hours a day all the seven days of a week.

Our plumbers, boiler breakdown engineers, or drain engineers are well experienced and qualified (CIPHE).

Emergency Plumbing Services in all London Areas

You may find many service providers in the city. But do they have the right professionals or do they provide responsible services? Herein comes our branding.

Over 25 years, we have built a unique reputation by providing highly professional throughout London. We also offer a fully guaranteed service and has highly satisfied customers on our client list.This is the pull factor attracting many residences, realtors, commercial properties to consult with us for emergency plumbing solutions.

More importantly, we don’t take call out charges for our services. We value your money,and we charge reasonably.


Gas Service for Safety and long-time Maintenance

Homeowners, restaurateurs, how effective is your gas connection? Faulty installation, fittings can lead to leaks, the release of carbon monoxide can lead to an explosion. That is why exactly you need an expert to do tasks like gas installation and other related services like gas appliance service or repairs. Experienced gas engineers can assure you make use of gas effectively, you don’t lose gas in the form of leaks, and you have security from fire accidents.

With past 20 years of experience in plumbing and gas service industry, Southstar Plumbers is dignified in delivering its high-quality workmanship in Wandsworth, London. We offer the best affordable price.

  • Same Day Gas Cooker/ Hob Install !
  • Cooker / Hob  Gas Safety Cert !
  • Connection Fee £ 39 !

Central Heating Installation

The next requirement is under floor heating a requirement for the elite as well as the working-class population. You will feel cold still if your feet are not warm. That is why you need under floor heating that can energies you. Other demands can be a central heating installation that requires more expertise.

Oh! the task is tough

The job of getting the right heating engineer is tough. But Southstar Plumbers can calm your worries with expert heating engineer readily available 24 hours all the days of the year.

Customers are looking for responsible services. It is in this area, Southstar excels. We offer ten years of guarantee for assembled parts and labour. We also recommend an annual service contract.

Boilers for commercials and residences

Commercials like education institutions, hospitals, retail, large companies with higher headcount all need boiler installations. You have large office blocks. Southstar Plumbers have a trusted name to provide various facilities suiting for different purposes. Call our engineers for a consultation. They will give you ideas for planning an installation.

Residents can talk to us for requirement analysis. Plan your heating installation and budget. Remember boiler technology is frequently evolving. We keep track of them. Sometimes your requirement is more radiators. Be it repairs, upgrades, or replacement; we give the best suggestion. Our dedicated engineers will inform you why, how, and what fit your requirement.

Call us; we respond fast. Commercials and residences are highly appreciative of our craft. Now your turn to testify our expertise.

we will visit your property to measure and check what type of boiler is suitable; combination or a system.?

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate£29

We with the team of competent Gas Safety and Electrical engineers carry out the inspection on customer’s property to provide the landlord gas safety    certificate.

But, it’s important to know the person solving and checking your gas issues is not fake, check their Gas Safe Registered ID card with a unique licence  number, showing for which type of work they are qualified.

Fireplace Installer

We have a team of experienced people who are skilled in servicing and repairing all makes and models of modern gas fire appliances. Our technicians are licensed and carry most of the range of parts with them to offer quick service as soon as possible. Whether its gas fire safety check, repairing or servicing, make sure you calls us right now to get your work done. We also offer annual service, you can register yourself with us for annual service.

We provide everything professionally at an affordable rate. Our services also include repairing every model of gas fires, including inset, wall mounted and gas stoves. Whether it takes us 10 minutes or 10 hours in repairing or servicing, you know what you’ll pay when we walk through the door. Whether it’s installing new or repairing old, we try to do it within 24 hours!

Unblocking Internal Drainage

Southstar Plumbers are ready to undertake any drainage or blockage issue to give full support around the clock in London.

We make sure that your blocked drain are repaired as soon as possible, so drainage disruption is not an inconvenience to you and doesn’t affect your daily routine.

You can give us call anytime to book your appointment at 020 8877 3363. We are here to serve you around the clock, throughout the year. As soon as we receive your call we set up a favourable time with the mutual consent. Our specialist team of plumbing workers quickly and efficiently resolve the toilets, sinks and pipes, drainage and blockage issues with a through inspection, leaving behind your property clean and tidy after the work is done. We ensure a guaranteed service, with the attempt of delivering high-quality work.

Underfloor Heating

Are you going through a bad experience with the previously hired underfloor heating installer service provider? Don’t worry, you’re at the right place. Whatever is the issue related to underfloor heating, we’re here to help you. Our work goes very smoothly, we first make our visit to your property, take a deep and fair look at the system, comprehend your experience with the bad heating system, conclude the problem, work upon it and give 100% to get your heating system back in the full working speed in no or less time.

Underfloor Heating Key Benefits:

  • Every room heating system will function separately giving you a cost-effective experience and comfort.
  • As the heating control for every room is separate, so less energy consumption and less carbon emission.
  • Heating will be uniform with no hot spots or cold draughts.
  • The whole heating system installed is guaranteed for 12 months.
  • 50 years of guarantee for the pipes installed in the underfloor heating.
  • Make your home more spacious as there is no need of radiators.

Prevent any type of allergy that prevails from airborne dust.

Power Flushing Service

It’s important for the proper function of the central heating system to clean it thoroughly on a regular basis to remove the sludge and debris accumulated in it. And power flushing forces water and rust removing chemicals in the pipes of heating system in order to remove the corrosion deposit.

Power flushing machine is set up in a way that water that flows from the system through a magnetic filter collects all the iron oxide sludge before it reaches the boiler.

After power flushing is done, the heating system is again replaced with clean water and corrosion inhibitors. The temperature of radiator service is monitored and recorded after power flushing is done. This information is recorded in the customer’s sheet and guarantee of one year if offered for the water’s condition.

The waste stored in the heating system is 80% responsible for heating issues and require professional and experienced power flushing to both prevent and resolve the problem. And by using high-velocity, low-pressure jets of water to flush out the pipes, the central heating system is restored for the best operation, and it is recommended before the installing any new boiler to an existing system.

Power flushing is an essential household maintenance process that poses a little inconvenience but can ensure that your heating system is working at optimum efficiency by heating radiators up quickly and saving fuel.

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Our service umbrella extends to a wide range and covers many services in it including boiler repair, gas certification, underfloor heating and much more. You can Contact us for any of your plumbing needs with the above-mentioned repair service.

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What we can Offer You?

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