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Cooker Installation Services

At Southstar Plumbers, we offer you the most experienced team to help you with any hob, oven and cooker installation, we cover most of the London area. Our engineers are fully qualified to install gas, electrical cookers, hobs and ovens. We will also ensure the work carried out is in accordance to the building and health & safety regulations.  We want to give you the very best for your new appliance, therefore we would ensure that a clear plan with measurements are carried out before any installation. All fittings are installed by our specialist team who will provide you with a gas safety certificate, upon completion of work. Our engineers will carry out a before carrying out any gas works to the property. Inspect your gas pipe work at the same time. Our engineers will leave you feeling safe in your own home or business place. Our prices are compatible and affordable in the market industry.

Procedures of installation 

Building regulations

In England and Wales, the requirement is that all Local Authorities are to be informed when a heat producing appliance (boiler, fire etc) is installed in a property. The Building Regulations and Gas Safe rules of registration require a Gas Safe registered businesses comply with their geographical area regulations by notifying any relevant appliances they have installed to the Local Authority.

Let-by and testiness test

A gas tightness ?test? , which examines the gas pressure inside a property's pipe work, is a key part of a thorough gas safe ?test? . It will ensure that there aren't any gas leaks in the system? .


We all use cookers on a daily basis, but have you ever thought about if whether or not your cooker is the correct one for you? There are so many types of appliances and it is important to ensure you have the one that suits your needs the most, as this would a great difference. Are you someone who spends a lot of time cooking? Do you normally have a busy schedule and are unable to prepare food? Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties with big gatherings? If so these are all the questions you need to take into account when you are considering buying a cooker, as different models have different qualities. We always recommend that you consider how often you are going to be in the kitchen using these appliances, making food. If you are someone who has a large number of guests around quite often, then it may be better off with a different style than someone who is living on their own who is more interested in eating meals than the preparation of them. 

Consumers are placing greater value on the aesthetics of their kitchens - so it is vital that appliances not only work well, but also look great and fit in with the general feel of the room.

Also, you will have to give enough thought to the size and shape of your desired cooker. Do you want a modern version with a touch screen hob, or would you rather stick to the more traditional variety.


Not so long ago, the only option we would have buying a new hob would be gas or electric. In most cases the decision was made according to you having a gas line or not. Now we have a wide range to take into account the style, models and finish including duel fuel. It’s always wise to research about all the types of hobs available.


The oven is the centrepiece of the kitchen, it’s an appliance that you may rely on to use every day, that's why it is important to get it right. Electric ovens tend to be the most popular choice. Gas ovens tend to be cheaper to run due

to energy prices. With a single oven you get the one cavity to bake, roast and grill in. Double ovens give you two cavities to cook in, there's always a grill in the smaller top oven. 

Gas installation certificate

This is a document that will be provided by the engineer who installs your appliance, service or safety checked an appliance is dependent upon the purpose and type of work carried out. The only document that a Landlord should have by law is a Landlord Gas Safety Record. It will contain all the checks that the engineer has carried out and if the appliance meets the appropriate safety standards.

Our advice to you

You should not attempt to install your gas appliances on your own, as this can put your household at risk. It is advisable to carry out frequently servicing household gas appliances helps guarantee efficiency and ? continued safe use and importantly, provides peace of mind. 

Area Coverage 

We can attend to your callouts to you within 60 minutes, so if you are in need of a repair or a new installation give us a call now. We cover the following areas; 

  • South West London & Surrey West London 
  • North West London North London
  • South East London & North Kent East Central London
  • East London West Central London

Why choose Southstar Plumbers?

At Southstar Plumbers our 5 star services is driven by achieving the very best for our clients all over London. We have the highest skilled and experienced professionals to attend to all minor or major repairs. Our customer response time is rapid and we always put our client’s needs first, offering them the fastest response to deal with their problems, and leaving you satisfied with the outcome. Our fast and efficient work ethics will reflect on the work we deliver. Our service is fast and prompt, we are just one call away, our operators are available 24 hours a day so that we can assist to any emergencies you may be dealing with, we will ensure your call is dealt with quickly. We aim to send our engineers to attend to any job within 60 to 90 minutes after the job has been logged. We can assure you with any installation requests we will provide a same day service. Our connection fees start from £39. We can take care of any hob, cooker and oven repairs, gas leaks or pipe installation. ? We provide with you with Gas Safety Certificates. ? We also give you a one year guarantee for the work we deliver.

How to detect a problem with my gas appliances?

  • The outside case is discolored
  • The decoration around your appliance is stained with soot marks or discolored
  • The pilot light goes out a lot and your appliance burns with a yellow or orange flame
  • There’s lots of condensation and a strange smell when your appliance is on
  • The flue is damaged or broken  

Common questions from customers

How much does installation cost?

A full installation will be more costly to replace, as you will be required to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate and service your appliance every year. Where it is possible, try and make the small repairs when they arise.

What is the hot zone around the cooker?

The hot zone is the area directly above your cooker or hob. Before installation please Ensure that this area is free from flammable items including wood, wallpaper, plug sockets, Wiring or an overhanging boiler.

Do gas cookers need electrical supply?

When it is a Gas cooker, Gas hob, a Gas grill, and a Gas oven, then the electricity is only needed to run the ignition, and any clock or timer.


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What we can Offer You?

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